We are an entirely voluntary organisation with around 30 volunteers. Each of the volunteers belongs to one or more of the following groups:


Their task is to read the local press and to prepare a script for the week by choosing from the items of local news those articles, notices, etc. of interest to our readers, bearing in mind any on-going stories already reported in previous newsletters. Our recordings run for around 60 minutes, with the aim to alternate the more serious with light-hearted articles.  Each editor would expect to do this every five or six weeks.


Our readers operate in teams of two, one female, one male. Their task is, rather obviously, to read the editor's script for the week. They alternate reading the articles in the script.


There is one producer per recording session whose task is to control the recording equipment and monitor the readers to ensure that a good clear recording is made. Master recordings are copied to USB memory sticks for distribution to our listeners.


We have two processing teams who operate on a Thursday before a recording and the Friday after a recording session. We have several teams on a rota that comes around every 2-3 weeks.

Thursday Team – This team collect the wallets from Bury St Edmunds sorting office and bring them to the studio for checking and preparing for re-distribution.
We start about 9:30 am and finish about 11am though we usually have a cup of coffee or tea afterwards!

Friday Team – This team copy the master recording onto USB memory sticks using a bulk copying machine (very easy to use) and put them in pre-addressed wallets. They then take the wallets back to the Bury St Edmunds sorting office. This usually takes one and a half to two hours (and probably more tea!)